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November 25, 2013 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Family!! Happy thanksgiving this week!! I hope that it is amazing and that you don't get too big from all of the food you will be eating:) haha:) I am so thankful for each of you so much! When I count my blessings, I hope that you know that you are on the top of my list:) I have such a great family and I am so thankful for each of you and for the many ways that you help support, encourage, and strengthen me from where you are at. It means the world to me and I couldn't do what I do without you:) THANK YOU!!!

This week was pretty good. I think things are starting to pick up and become more familiar for me. I still struggle with a lot of the same stuff but things are getting better. Can you believe that after this week I will have been gone for 2 months now? I can! haha Longest 2 months of my existence! haha:) oh well:) Hopefully time decides to speed up again soon!:)

Winter Quarters Temple

This past Friday, we were able to go to the temple and do an Endowment session together as a zone. It is always such an amazing experience to go to the temple and feel of the strong spirit that is there. President and Sister Weston came as well and they were both so loving and comforting to each of us. President Weston reassured me that homesickness is normal and he is actually really proud of me and says that I'm doing a great job:) He says that the holiday season is really tough on missionaries but if I can make it through the next couple of months, I will soar:) so that is comforting and reassuring:) In the Celestial room I kind of broke down, not because I was sad, well partially, but because the spirit is so strong in the temple. I just couldn't help but cry, knowing that I was in the house of the Lord and that I had ancestors there with me. (I did a family name and I had 3 other sisters do some for me) So I had 4 ancestors get there work done at the same time and you could feel the strong spirit that came from doing that and their presence there. It was a very neat experience.

Another experience helped me this week. It's kind of interesting but we were going to visit someone in one of the more run down areas that I serve in. We were in the car finalizing what we would teach on and everything and talking about the previous visit when all of the sudden I got the most horrible feeling inside and the Holy Ghost basically screamed at me to get out of that area. So I told my companion and we followed that prompting immediately. Not sure what could have happened but I'm glad that I will never find out:) That was a cool experience for me to have such a strong prompting and be able to recognize it. That has been a huge blessing from me serving so far. I am able to recognize the Spirit better and have a clearer mind. A lot of people wonder if what they are thinking or feeling is the Holy Ghost or them. Since I have been out I have noticed that every good thing comes from God and is inspired. Sorry I don't have my scriptures to tell you where that is.. maybe moroni 7? One thing that I started doing was every good thought or prompting I have gotten I have followed. There aren't always amazing results or miracles that follow, but I am able to show Heavenly Father that I am willing to follow anything He needs or asks of me to do. So here is my challenge for you this week:) I want you guys to strive to follow every prompting that you receive this week, no matter how small or large it seems. As you do this, you will be able to recognize the Spirit easier and it will be a great blessing for you. It is a really cool experience to feel the Holy Ghost work through you to touch other people. I have been blessed to see that on my mission so far in so many ways. I know that this church is true! I really do!

Derrick! Did you like my dating sheet I sent you? haha I loved it so you better love it too!! haha jk:) but really I think its great:) how is mission prep going? are you learning and retaining lots? One suggestion that I could give you is to study ch 3 in preach my gospel and practice teaching it at Family home evenings. I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of the gospel before I left but I really don't. There is so much more to learn and you will greatly benefit from knowing those really well! Thank you for your quiet example that you set for others of faith. You have been a great example to me all of my life but also through things that I hear you do from letters from home. I love you!!

Madelyn! I love you optimistic attitude! You are always trying to build others up and help them feel good about themselves:) I love that about you and I have been greatly blessed because of that:) For dance advice, just be confident in yourself! Cheryl doesn't look for flexibility or anything like that:) she has you improv:) so you can practice improv and being confident in yourself while you dance and you will be just fine! Your amazing! reality town sounds fun:) I'm excited to hear your talk:) you did a great job im sure:) you always do:)

Ryan! How is it going buddy? I love you!! One thing that I love about you is your courage to choose the right in any situation you find yourself in:) you are a friend to everyone and you have a strong desire to follow the Savior and do those things that will bring you closer to him:) Try to make the temple a priority in your life:) It will be a great blessing to you and others around you:) I love you!!

Ashley I love you!! I love that you are always joking around! I love my goof ball twinner so much!!! I love how you wore that Utah utes shirt for me at that game!! You are too cute!!

Emily I love you!! You have such a strong faith at such a young age! I loved the joke.. What illness do martial artists get? the kung flu!! it was so funny and I loved hearing those jokes!!

Jake thank you for those cookies!!! I loved it!! thank you for the pic you colored at church for me as well!!! it was so great! I love you my little man!! You are so helpful to mommy:) keep it up!

Mom and dad, you guys are just the greatest:) that is all there is to it:) I couldn't have asked for better parents and friends all of these years:) Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made and continue to make for me:)

I love you all!!! I hope you have a great night and week and remember that you have someone in Omaha that loves you so much! more than you know! Love you!!

Sister Christensen:)

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