Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - Bring on 2014

Happy New Years!!!
I LOVE YOU my dear family:)
Wow, it is crazy to think that 2014 is just around the corner! I have reflected this week on 2013 as many people do, and I consider myself so blessed to be where I am today, serving a mission for my Savior. I would have never believed someone, if one year ago, they were to tell me where I would be today. I am so thankful that I chose to serve a mission though, despite all of the hard times that have come as a result from that. I have been so blessed. It is really such a cool thing to be a part of the largest increase of missionaries in 1 year that this world has ever seen! I am so lucky.

It was really nice seeing all of you on Christmas. It was nice to see that most of you haven't changed that much from the last time I saw you. Chandler on the other hand took me completely by shock! I will admit, it was difficult to say goodbye again after talking but it is comforting to know that it will only be a short time before I am able to see and talk with you guys again. I am so blessed and looking forward to spending eternity with you lovely people:)

Thank you so much for all of the great Christmas gifts and letters!! I really appreciated it so much!! A missionary loves letters:) true story:)

Out for Lunch and Enjoying a treat!

I think I already shared this in Skype but I wanted to write about it for journaling purposes:) On Christmas Eve this year we got together as part of our zone and went caroling to several nursing homes. Most of them couldn't talk with us or weren't "all the way there" but it was a really neat experience to bring the spirit of Christmas to them. It is a tradition that I hope to do in the future because it was such an incredible experience. There were about 20 of us missionaries and the spirit was definitely there as we sang those Christmas hymns. It brought a lot of joy to those people and it made me feel at peace and happy, knowing that because of my small sacrifice, I was able to bless so many people in such a simple way. I love being a missionary!! If any of you that are reading this are questioning whether or not a mission is for you, I would advise you to seriously think about and pray about it! There is nothing that will stretch you the way a mission does and there is nothing that I could have been doing to bring me closer to my Savior in such a short amount of time. Honestly, a mission is great!!

For Christmas we ate lunch with the Frederick's and their extended family and went to a few member homes that evening to share Christmas messages with them. It was definitely so much different than any previous Christmas, but it was well spent:) We put together some Christmas goodie plates with Sister Cooper the previous week to deliver to lots of people:) so that was fun to deliver them to those families and see the children's faces light up:)

My companion and I were actually sick this past week from Thursday-Saturday with the stomach flu. We had to stay in for part of the day on Friday and Saturday which was torture! I remember I used to love staying home when I was sick but being on a mission is so different! I knew there were people out there that needed me and I had to stay inside instead because of my human weaknesses. but.. I am feeling much better now and working hard again!!! Don't you worry:)

So this week is Fast Sunday again:) My challenge will be the same one that I left a while ago with you guys:) Think about your reason for fasting this week so that when you actually fast, it will be meaningful. Find out what Heavenly Father would have you fast about this week. He will let you know as you ask in faith! I love you all!! I hope that you guys have a wonderful week and enjoy your New years eve and day!! My prayers are with you and I am sending my love your way:)  

I love you guys so much!! seriously I have the most amazing family! you are in my prayers each morning and night and I know that Heavenly Father is watching over you guys while I am away because I ask Him to. Keep going! you are strong! and so loved by me:)

With love,
a.k.a Sister Christensen:)
or.. your favoritest missionary:) haha

any of those work:)

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