Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 - It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

Hey family! how are all of you doing back in Utah? Enjoying the cold weather? haha its been really cold here and we got quite a bit of snow this past week:) so that's been kind of fun:) except its so cold!! haha:) Christmas will be here very soon and I'll be able to talk with you guys so I am so excited for that!!! I look forward to hearing your voices and seeing you guys!!! Thank you for the letters and package that you sent:) Sorry I am a little behind on replying to everyone but it will get there eventually:)

This week was a really good week:) On Wednesday, we went to the young womens activity. They went up to the Trail Center to the Gingerbread display! It was so much fun and they had some of their non member friends come which was so great! The young women are really starting to warm up to us and it has been really cool to work with them and help them prepare for their missions! One girl got her call this week and she is going to Salt Lake City!! I will admit, I was a little jealous:) haha but I love Nebraska:) don't worry:) haha. Anyways, the gingerbread display is huge in Nebraska. Let's be honest, there isn't much else here so when they do this, they go all out. I took some pictures of some of them and so I will send them in the next couple of weeks for Christmas.

We did some service for our Primary President Sister Cooper this past week which was so much fun! She has been making Christmas gifts for them and needed some extra help. She is making a plaque that says the words of I am a Child of God on them for each of them. She has 142 active primary kids so its quite the project:) it was nice because it switched up everything a little bit:) It was nice to get crafty while doing some service:)

Today for part of our Preparation Day we are going with Sister Cooper to a Goodwills. She is taking us there and giving each of us $20 to spend there for Christmas from her. Then she is taking us for peppermint shakes afterward. I am pretty excited! I am lucky to be in such a great ward where the members are so good to us!

We are still working a lot with the T's, the less active couple in our ward. They are doing great! She found out that she is having a baby boy and she is due on april 1st! They are working towards going to the temple in a little under a year from now and I am so happy for them!! It has been such a joy and blessing to work with them and help them turn to the Savior. If they are the only people I helped while I was on a mission I would feel satisfied and so great! they are amazing!

The Christmas Devotional last night was so great! We started watching it a little late because our lesson before that ran late.. but it was so great! I loved Russell M. Nelson's talk. We all yearn for peace. No matter what our circumstances are, we all seek for it. The world has some substitute sources for peace and happiness but it doesn't last. The only constant source of peace comes through the Savior, the Prince of Peace. Peace will come to your soul as you strengthen your faith in the Prince of Peace. It doesn't matter what your circumstances are at this time, He can heal you. Turn to Him and trust in that promise. What can we give to our Savior around Christmas time in return for all that He has done for us? We can give Him our heart:)  

So we have a little over 2 weeks before Christmas and I want to extend you a challenge as a family. I want you guys to do some missionary work! Prayerfully think about who you guys could help bring closer to the Savior between now and Christmas. Read M Russell Ballard's talk from this past General Conference and reach out to at least one person between now and Christmas! You can do it!! Missionary work is actually really simple and easy! There are many simple ways that you can share your testimony with a friend, neighbor, or family member:) I love you guys! I know that you will receive great blessings from being involved in Missionary work!

Love you all so much!! (To the moon and back times infinity:) )

Sister Christensen

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