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November 18, 2013 - My life = Oreo races, exchanges, and complete awkwardness!!‏

Hola Familia!!
How are all of you doing this week? I love you all so much!!! I love and miss you guys greatly:) You are in my thoughts and prayers:) I hope everything is going well back in Utah. I feel like I'm a broken record reporting how I am doing each week. Haha. I have had a hard week with missing home more and feeling discouraged at times. It has been a really hard week:) one of the hardest yet i think:) I guess that's to be expected as I'm still figuring out how to adjust and stuff! But all is well!! Don't worry about me:) I will be just fine!! The Lord is on my side:) In a little over a month, I will get to talk to you guys!!! yay!!

So on Wednesday I had the funnest dinner appointment yet. We had dinner with the H's and as part of that they have a tradition where they do what's called an oreo race! They give each participant a double stuffed oreo and a glass of milk. When they say go you have to eat the oreo without your hands and drink the glass of milk. The object is to be the first one to finish. Once you swallow everything you have to stand up and yoddle. haha:) it was quite the sight! Guess who won?? ME!! haha I guess you could say that I am a pro at oreo races. I finished well ahead of everyone else there. But.. I got really sick because of that:) my stomach hurt so bad. I made it about 10 minutes before it all decided to come back up:) so that was pretty awkward and embarrassing because we were still at their house when this happened! So yep, I threw up at a dinner appointment:) Yikes!! it was pretty fun though and totally worth it! so watch out.. we are doing an oreo race when i get home! so be prepared to lose:)

We had exchanges on Friday with the Sister Training leader (Sister Vance) and her companion Sister Sommers. It was really great. I was kind of nervous at first because I didn't know how it would all work out but I love exchanges now!! It was great to work with both of them. Sister Vance is at the end of her mission. She actualy flies home next week. I learned so much from her and the example that she set. She is having a really difficult time because she doesn't want to leave. I'll be honest, inside i thought that she was crazy! I would give anything to be done! haha:) but it put things into perspective for me and showed me that I need to really value my time that I have to serve the Lord so completely right now:) Sister Sommers has only been here for 6 weeks longer than me. So when I was with her for the other half of the day, we basically just had a therapy session!! haha it was great! It was so weird because we are like the same person! it was weird! It was such a tender mercy though because she was able to comfort me and talk through everything that I was feeling. I am so lucky to serve with such great sisters. I love them dearly!

So life as a missionary is just completely awkward!! I won't go into detail but basically every moment of my life right now is just awkward!! I'm learning to embrace the awkwardness though!:) haha

It is freezing here!!! luckily it warmed up quite a bit these last couple of days:) i am so not ready for the winter to hit:)

Our investigator that i was telling you about, C, is no longer interested in meeting with us. It was really sad and discouraging because he was doing so well. He had read the Book of Mormon twice in a two week period and was progressing well and then all of the sudden he just decided that it wasn't for him. Keep him in your prayers:)

Oh! We went to a Gingerbread activity on thursday night for relief society to make a gingerbread house for the trail center. They do a big gingerbread display every year and it was cool to be a part of it! I hope that you liked the picture! Someone in the Millard ward is very into missionaries and anyway that she can serve them. So she saw us there and took a picture to send to our families! It was so great and i was so happy that someone was looking out for me and sent you that:) I hope you liked it:) haha just ignore my tired eyes:) thats how they look in all the pictures now:) haha i just remind myself that i can have a 36 hour nap when i get home to make up for all of the sleep lost on the mission:) haha

Derrick I'm excited to hear about how Sadies went!!! I love you!! Sorry I haven't written much to you..:) expect a letter this week!

For your commitment this week, I want you guys to basically continue off of the one i gave you last week. I want you all to look at your prayers and find one way that you can make them more meaningful. You can pick the same thing that you did last week or think of a new one:) I know that as you make your prayers more meaningful, you will be blessed:) Heavenly Father hears your prayers:) He knows who you are, what you are going through, ect. As you talk with Him and learn to Listen, your will for yourself will start to allign to His will for you:) He loves you and He knows whats best for you! Trust Him!

I was reading the talk You can do it now by Elder Uchtdorf:) from the most recent general conference :) you should all read it if you haven't yet:) He basically says that it doesn't matter how many times you fall down, what matters is that you get back up and keep moving forward. "You are stronger than you realize. You are more capable than you can imagine. You can do it now!" I know that as you turn to the Lord and use the atonement daily, you will recieve the strength to do the things that you think you can't do. With the Lord, all things are possible!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! I look forward to hearing from you guys and talking with you next week! I love each of you so much!! Thank you for the support and encouragement that you guys show me:) I couldn't do it without you:)  

Sister Christensen

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