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February 24, 2014

My dear family:)

I love you guys bunches and bunches:) I'm sure that you are wanting to know the results from transfers this past week:) I am staying in Lakeview again with Sister Fulbright. We were both pretty relieved that nothing got switched on us:) partly because neither of us were feeling much motivation to pack:) haha:) jk:) we are working well with each other and working together through the tough times:) That is something that a mission is teaching me:) (about marriage or any other relationship) as long as both individuals are willing to work together towards a righteous goal, you can make any situation work:) it doesn't mean there won't be challenges, but you are able to work through them together:)

Elder Nielson, one of the zone leaders, got transferred, but we still have Elder Demke as one of them! The new Zone leader is Elder Card. It seems like it will be another good transfer! Elder Johnson from Lakeview got transferred as well.. so Elder Martinez is training Elder Adams! It is nice not being the newest missionary serving in the ward:) haha:)

The stake put on a big Family History Fair this past Saturday, where there was lots of speakers and classes to take, teaching how to do family history work. It was really great and there was a huge turnout!! There was around 100 non-members show up!! I am so thankful that I was able to do some family history work prior to my mission, because now I am able to help other people here with theirs. That is such a huge blessing! So I have been helping several members, less actives, and non-members with their family history work and preparing names for baptisms. It was cool because I was able to learn a bunch on which I hadn't learned much about before. So I am soaking in as much knowledge as I can so that I can continue to do that work once I am home:) Sister Pincock, a member in our ward, brought her friend Denise and her mother. (they are both non members) It was very cool helping them find some of their family members and history. They were both very excited because they apparently have been looking for the information that we gave them for over 20 years! They just sobbed as we found their information. The spirit was very strong there. They don't live within our ward boundaries so I won't be able to teach or see them again, but it was a very neat experience. Oh and p.s. I had a few minutes on Saturday so I was able to do a little work for my own family online. I found a few more names for baptism on up! sorry I have a major addiction! I will try to control myself:) haha

Family History Work is a very good teaching opportunity for anyone! We have been implementing it more in our tracting. We were able to teach a man named Jeff about family history work, temples, and that families can be together forever, on Saturday as we were out tracting. He was doing some yard work so we went over and talked with him and it was a neat experience. He has had some contact with some LDS people in the past and they helped him with some family history work in the past! So he was excited to learn more! He isn't interested in us coming over and teaching him, but he took a family history card and is going to call us with questions that come up about it! So that's cool! We are planting a lot of seeds for future missionaries to work with here:)

In the talk by Elder Bednar titled "the hearts of the children shall turn" he says, "As you respond in faith to this invitation, your hearts shall turn to the fathers. The promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will be implanted in your hearts. Your patriarchal blessing, with its declaration of lineage, will link you to these fathers and be more meaningful to you. Your love and gratitude for your ancestors will increase. Your testimony of and conversion to the Savior will become deep and abiding. And I promise you will be protected against the intensifying influence of the adversary. As you participate in and love this holy work, you will be safeguarded in your youth and throughout your lives." I know that those promises are true! I have seen them in my own life as I have engaged in Hastening the Work of Salvation on both sides of the Veil:) It is incredible!!

J McM has now gone 29 days sober! He is starting to cut out coffee and smoking soon as well! He has a very strong desire to change his life and become a new person and  he is doing that! He is a completely different person from the man that I met 4 months ago. It is remarkable! I thank Heavenly Father every night for the great privilege that I have had to work with him:) His wife moved back in again on Saturday so we will see how things work out with that. Keep their family in your prayers if you can!

Mari is leaving in about 2 weeks now! I can still remember when she put in her mission papers and was waiting for her call:) It is very exciting to see a missionary go out:) Especially knowing the great blessings and experiences that will come her way:) She is going through the temple this Friday and directly after she receives her Endowments, their family is getting sealed together!!!!! I am so excited for them!! I'm a little bummed I can't go there but it will be such a great experience!! Their family are converts of about 4 years:) So it is so exciting!!!

M's baby shower turned out really well! We ended up going a little early to serve her and set everything up! I learned how to make a really good fruit salad without making the fruit mushy:) haha and she had 6 non member friends there!! woo hoo!! She is very excited to have her baby!! the due date is April 1st but it could come any time now before then:)

Sister Jones, the kindest less active lady, was in the hospital last week. She had some complications with medication and it caused some brain damage.. but she is doing ok now:) We went and visited her and she is getting back to normal:)

It was pretty fun having the Millard sisters staying with us! Sister Rasmussen did my eye brows last night:) I don't have any pictures to put on of them but I was pretty excited:) haha it was quite painful sometimes because she would accidentally pull my skin but It was nice once it was over:) they look good:) haha:) I looked almost as wimpy as Bishop putting eye drops into his eyes though:) at least I didn't cry:) haha:)

Well I hope you have a great week!! Its fast sunday again this sunday so for your commitment, think about what you should fast for this week and make it meaningful!! I will do the same:)


Erica (Sister Christensen)

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