Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - A Week of Miracles

Hello my dear family!

I hope that everything is going well for you! You are all amazing and I am very fortunate to be a part of this great family! I hope that you enjoyed the General Women's mtg! I thought it was absolutely amazing!!! The spirit was so powerful and it was really cool knowing that even though we were in different places, we were all experiencing the same things:) Thank you for the package that you sent this week! It was wonderful!! Thank you for the letters:) Oh and I got a priesthood blessing last night:) So I am doing much better with everything.:)

So this week was a week of pretty amazing miracles! Let me tell you of a few of them:)

First of all.. Guess what?!?! REBECCA CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!! Sister Fulbright and I almost fell out of our seats as we were standing in the church hallway, and here walks in Rebecca!!! over 30 minutes early!! I am so amazed with her desire to do what's right even though it is really hard for her. She has so much faith! She came to church yesterday, knowing that she was going to get really sick as a result. Whenever we go to teach her, she gets sick because of the scents on us. She is really sensitive and allergic to any scents including chemicals in carpets, deodorant, perfumes, cleaners, etc. So that is a really hard challenge for her. But she is doing amazing and I am so blessed to work with her!

Next, a miracle at the hospital! So we had just finished dinner on Thursday night when we were driving out in our area, going to try some less actives. We were driving by the hospital and I got a strong prompting that we needed to go and visit Sister Jones there, even though we had just been the day prior. So, we went. We went up to her room number and the door was shut. A voice from the other side said "come in!" as we knocked on the door. We opened the door and to our suprise, Sister Jones wasn't the person in the bed.. You can probably imagine our shock:) (Apparently Sister Jones had been released Wednesday night) When we walked into the room, the lady said "Oh sisters! I am so glad that you came!" We talked to her and found out that she was a sister in a different ward, and that she had just had a stroke that day, so she was taken to the hospital. She didn't tell anyone in the ward that she was there, but she was praying all day that someone from the church would come and see her. Kind of ironic right? Praying for someone to come and see you even though no one knew you were there. Well. The Lord works in mysterious ways! She was crying for most of the time because she felt so touched that we came. She said that we were an answer to her prayers and that she could feel that Heavenly Father was aware of her. It was a very humbling experience. It was very neat being led by the Spirit without even realizing that we were. Heavenly Father is aware of us! I know, because He sent 2 strangers across town, to visit His beloved daughter, Sue Quinette.

We went to the zoo today with Sister Cooper!! She is so good to us! It was such an enjoyable experience! The Omaha Zoo is really great! Apparently it is ranked like 2nd in the Nation!

Wish me luck with transfers this week. I am pretty nervous to hear what will happen. But I know that regardless of what happens, I will be where Heavenly Father needs me to be at this time. Thank you for your letters, love, prayers, and support:) They mean so much to me and gives me strength to press forward:) I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week and enjoy General Conference:) Hopefully you can have your conference ensigns done in time:)   

With love,

Sister (Erica) Christensen 

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