Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dear Family and friends,

How are you all doing? I hope that you had a fantastic week! I love you all so so so much!! I hope that you can always know and feel that from me! Happy Birthday to Jacob, Chandler, and Derrick this week!!! I hope that they are the best birthdays ever! I would love to hear all about them next week and some pictures via email:)! haha:) (is that too obvious of a hint?) ;) Jk. You guys are so great! Just a reminder that next monday is a holiday, so I don't think that I will be emailing home. I should be able to on Tuesday at some point though! 

The Baptism of Rene is still set for this Saturday so pray that everything goes really well and works out for that! We are going to have the Baptismal service conducted in Spanish but then translated into English so that everyone can understand it! It should be a really great experience! It is so neat to feel the Spirit extend through language barriers. Even though we can't always understand what he is saying and he doesn't always understand us, we are all able to feel the Holy Ghost testify of truth! His wife, Hilda, started taking the chemo pills this week and she is not doing well. Please pray that she will be able to be healthy enough to attend her husband's baptism. That would mean the world to her. Thank you!! 

We had a really cool miracle this week! It was on Wednesday about 4:15. We had a dinner appointment that day at 4:30, so we were really struggling with what we should do. If we got inside with someone to teach a lesson, we would be late for dinner, but if we just headed right to dinner, we would get there a little early. We decided to try a former investigator that we hadn't seen yet, since we had come to York. Their names are Tony and Marah. When we pulled up, Sister Wrubell noticed that the van was different than their old one. We decided to try it though, not knowing what we would find:) Just so you can better appreciate our surroundings, they had some very loud "pump up and screamo" music blaring in the background:) ok.. now we can proceed:) So we knocked on the door and this young girl (probably in her 20's) came out and just started talking with us. She seemed really interested in who we were and what we teach. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she would read it! They just moved into that house so everything worked out perfectly with the timing:) She said that she just found God last year while she was in jail and has a sincere desire to come closer to Him. Sister Wrubell and I are very excited to see her and continue teaching her! We are meeting with her tomorrow! It was a huge miracle though and we arrived to dinner right on time:) Her name is Danielle. You can keep her and her family in your prayers as well! 

Love you all so much!! Keep your heads up and keep moving forward! This is the Lord's work! As we trust in Him, things always work out. :)

Sister Christensen

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