Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014 - Happy Halloween!

Hey family and friends,

Hopefully Erica doesn't act like Ammon and start cutting off arms!

I hope that you are all doing well! Happy Halloween this week! I hope that it is wonderful! I hope that you are handling the changes well. Know that you are all continually in my thoughts and prayers. I'm not sure on what my plans are for Halloween:) We are going to the Gray's house for dinner that night:) they are great! They are one of my favorite member families, if you are allowed to have favorites:) We will probably have to be in early again that night like we did last year, but who knows. I guess we will find out more specifics later this week:) Also on Halloween, we have transfers.. I am really praying and hoping that nothing changes this transfer and that I get to stay with Sister Hirro for another transfer. I just have so many things to learn from her:) She is a great missionary! You all will love her so much! I am excited for when she goes back to Temple Square and you all get to meet one of my companions!:)

This week has been another packed week:) Sister Hirro and I each carved a pumpkin last week which was so much fun! I decided to carve the Salt Lake City temple.. but.. it didn't turn out so great:) haha it's the fun and thought that counts right? haha:) Sister Hirro decided to be creative and chose to carve 16 stones from the brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon:) She thought that that would be easy for her for her first time:) But... she cut so much out of the pumpkin that it collapsed.. whoops! We tried to perform surgery on it to help it stick together, but it didn't work:) She had a really good time though! 

We had our big ward party on Friday!! The Trunk or treat is always a big success here and this year was no exception! There were a lot of people that came out that I haven't met or seen before so it was a really great opportunity to get to know so many people! Several members invited non member friends which was great! I entered my pumpkin in the pumpkin contest just to participate in the ward functions, and I got 2nd place!! Ok, so there were only two pumpkins.. but.. no one needs to know the details:) haha:) We started the activity with a big chili cook off with chili, corn bread, and similar foods:) Then there was a pie contest after:) The food was so yummy! Following the dinner, everyone went outside to their cars and handed out candy to the children as they walked by. It was a lot of fun! I will have to send some pictures:)

Last Monday, we had family home evening with the Browns and Hartigans. Angie prepared the lesson and she did so great! We watched Ephraim's Rescue (I loved it! It was my first time seeing it:) and then talked about principles to learn from the movie afterwards. I was so proud of her! She has always been nervous to teach and hasn't wanted to in the past, so she did so great for her first time! She is the investigator that is Brother Brown's daughter. Speaking of Brother Brown.. good news! He hit his year mark of his baptism, so he was able to got through the temple last week for his own endowments!! We stopped by after and asked how he was doing with everything, and he said, "Well.. I'm still standing!" He is doing great! Please continue to keep Angie in your prayers and that her husbands heart will soften to allow her to be baptized. :)

Just a few random updates.. We have started going to young women's more recently because we want to get more involved with the youth in this ward. The youth here and everywhere are great! They are so prepared and willing to stand up as a light to those around them:) We had our Trainer/Trainee Meeting on Tuesday with the Assistants and President and Sister Weston! IT was so good to see all of them and to receive more revelation on how to further help Sister Hirro, our investigators, and the ward members. We are working with a couple of families consistently each week to help them in their preparation for missionary work! They are the Simmons and the Riffles. The Simmons have a son out on a mission right now and another son that is preparing for a mission right now. He just finished all of his paper work. The Riffles are a young couple with 2 children that recently moved into the ward. They are so missionary minded! I am sure that I will have more to update about them in the coming weeks:)  

Just a reminder that this week is fast sunday:) Remember to ponder and prepare so that you are ready for the Sacrament and have a meaningful fast. I know that there are great blessings that come into our lives from fasting. We have a great ability to access Heaven's help.

Have a wonderful week and happy Halloween!!
Sister Christensen

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