Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 2, 2014

Dear Family!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Labor Day yesterday!! I am sorry
that I forgot to remind you that I wouldn't be on yesterday so I hope
that you were able to figure that out quickly. How was the Ogden
Temple open house? Was it just gorgeous inside? I am so jealous:) jk:)
I will have plenty of time for that later on in life:) I hope that you
are all doing well and enjoying life:) Things in Fairview have been
going well this past week:) We have been diving into the work and
doing our best to pick things back up in this area:) How is your Book
of Mormon reading going for those of you who are participating in it?
You should be on page 45 today:) If you haven't started already, it’s
not too late to begin:)

I had a nice Labor Day yesterday:) We had our preparation day so we
were able to do a couple of fun things:) We started our day with our
typical Monday morning routine:) ie: normal study schedule, laundry,
and cleaning. After we got all of that done, Sister Peterson and I
went out to lunch at a BBQ place which was super delicious!! Then we
went to Gordman's!!! I have missed that place:) It was crazy seeing
all of the fashion trend changes these days.. haha I haven't decided
if I like all of them or not yet:) haha but I spoiled myself and
bought a necklace:) So that was great!! and it’s my favorite color..
sparkly! :) After Gordman's, we headed to Walmart and got all of our
shopping done:) Let me say, it is really nice having a Walmart close
to you! I took that for granted until I went to Emmetsburg:) and.. I
cut my hair!! No worries:) I didn't do anything extravagant or too
crazy :) Just a normal trim:) I cut about 4 inches off and put in some
layers:) It was just getting way too long:) All in all, it was a nice
preparation day:)

Last night we went over to Brother Brown's house for dinner and Family
Home Evening:) He is a recent convert of almost a year now! His year
mark is September 13th! So it's coming up! We go over there every
Monday night for FHE:) His daughter Angie comes each time as well:)
She is an investigator and has such a strong testimony:) she is golden
and loves everything about the church:) She has been through all of
the missionary lessons and is reading the Book of Mormon
consistently:) and.. she really wants to be Baptized!! It will just
take a little bit of time because of some complications with other
things.. She is so sweet though and I love her so much already! The
Hartigans (an active couple) are good friends with them so they come
each week as well!! They are all very supportive of each other and do
a lot together:) So I am thankful for good ward member support:)
anyways, so last night we had grilled hot dogs, baked beans, and.. dun
dun dun.. Strawberry Shortcake!! haha Brother Brown LOVES strawberry
shortcake. That is an understatement:) haha:) so we have strawberry
shortcake every Monday night:) It is wonderful!! I love FHE with the
Brown's and the Hartigan's:)

Also, last Friday night, we went to a fireside that they were having
at the Mormon Trail Center. It was fabulous! You will never believe
who I saw there.. Sister Fulbright!!! Seriously! when she walked in
and we saw each other, we almost screamed! It was a good reunion:) I
sure miss that Sister of mine:) But she is doing great things in
Lakeview! Yes, she is still there:) I am very interested to see what
happens with her this next transfer:) She only has one left, and she
has been in Lakeview for 5 transfers (this is her 6th). She is doing
well though:)

Anyways, back to the Fireside:) Sorry I am a little scatter brained:)
We went with Brother Brown and Angie:) President and Sister Weston
were the speakers and they did a great job:) They talked all about
obedience, the commandments, and blessings for keeping the
commandments. I have actually been doing a study on promised blessings
in lesson 4 of Preach my Gospel for my Preach my Gospel study each
day. So it was really neat how a lot of the things that I had been
studying, were brought up and talked about. I just love how willing
our Heavenly Father is to bless us with everything He can! He stands
over our heads with his hands cupped full of blessings, and as we Keep
His commandments and ask for those blessings through prayer, He
willingly and anxiously opens up His hands for blessings to be poured
out upon us. It has really stood out to me that the things He asks us
to do, and the commandments in general, are just to help us find
happiness! He is so patent with us. As we have that desire and just
keep a simple commandment such as praying, He blesses us with so many
things!! ie: guidance, strength, peace, etc. Isn't it so neat that as
we do these simple things, He blesses us with so much!! Just like any
Earthly father, He want's us to be happy and so He is so willing to
help us with anything we need. I know that He is there. He loves us,
and that love never faileth. It is always there for us.

I am on exchanges right now with Sister Jones. She is actually from
Lehi as well so that's cool! Maybe some of you know her? I hope that
you have a great week! Remember that I am always here for you if you
ever need anything:) I love each of you dearly:) Keep up the great
work! and remember to always look up!

With love,
Sister Christensen

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