Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 8, 2014

Dear Family,

Sorry for a bit short email this week. I hope that you have been doing
well this last week or so. I seem to have been struggling with some
things more lately, but I keep going regardless. :) I have found
healing through the Atonement though and through my Book of Mormon
study:) So that is a plus:) From Maddy's letter it sounds like there
have been some sicknesses going around the house. I can totally
relate:) My companion and I have been facing some sinus colds and
stuff like that:) Haha I have been sneezing a lot today:) Kind of
embarrassing:) But I think I will be on the mend and getting better
this week:)

As I mentioned in my email last week, I was able to go on exchanges
with Sister Jones last Tuesday in the Plattsmouth area. I had the most
wonderful miracle happen that day! So, a member from my first area
(Lakeview) got in a car accident! (that's not the miracle;) ) It was
Sharon Jones, a less active that I saw and worked with, each week! She
is in pretty bad condition, but the Doctor's say that it is a miracle
that she is alive! She got transferred to a hospital/care center in
Plattsmouth (I didn't know any of this). Well, Sister Jones got a text
from the Lakeview Sisters, asking if we would go to see a member of
their ward at the care center. They didn't tell us who it was or
anything at that point but we agreed and went there. I was really
excited, hoping that it was someone that I knew! We walked into the
room and I almost cried when I saw Sister Sharon Jones! She is covered
with bruises everywhere but smiled really big when she saw me and had
me give her a big hug:) She actually remembered me! I was so
relieved:) haha:) Then, I turned around and in a chair across the
room, there was Sister Fulbright and her companion, Sister Breaux! I
was so happy! Then to make things even better, out of the bathroom
walks Sister Cooper!!! I was so happy for that miracle that I was able
to see all of them that day on exchanges!! That was such a tender
mercy and everything worked out perfectly!! I wasn't able to see them
long because they were getting ready to head out a few minutes later,
but it was great!!! It was a sweet tender mercy to see that even
though its been about 4 1/2 months since I have seen them all, and
they still remember me:) haha and it didn't really feel like a lot had
changed in the absence of time:) so that was reassuring:)

Other than that, my week has kind of been uneventful! We have been
spending a lot of time just getting to know the members and less
actives and figuring out where we need to spend our time:) We have
seen a lot of miracles as we have spent our time doing this. Just last
night, we stopped in to see a less active member that we have never
met before, and he let us right in, and his non member sister sat in
on the lesson! She even invited us to come back for dinner sometime!
So that was really neat!

I gave another training again last week for district mtg:) It was on
obedience to the commandments and consecration:) which is great
because I am on an obedience kick right now:) If you want a good
study, look up all of the promised blessings to the commandments in
lesson 4 in PMG. It will blow your mind! I have been sick so I am
hoping that passes quickly:)

I love you all so much!! you are great!! thank you for your support:)
I hope that you have a wonderful week! Stay strong and remember to
look up!

With love,
Sister Christensen:)

P.S. "May I commend you faithful Saints who are striving to flood the
earth and your lives with the Book of Mormon. Not only must we move
forward in monumental manner more copies of the Book of Mormon, but we
must move forward into our lives and throughout the earth more of its
marvelous messages. This sacred volume was written for us-for our day.
Its scriptures are to be likened unto ourselves" (1 Nephi
19:23)(President Ezra Taft Benson).

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