Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 18, 2014

Dear Family,

So you guys all start back to school this week? How exciting!! I can't
wait to hear about your first week of school, teachers, classes,
friends, ect. Smile big and look your best:) Try and look for those
individuals that may not have as many friends or could just use a
smile! You never know the good that a simple smile can do:) As you
lose your life in service to others, no matter how small your acts of
service might seem, the Lord will make more out of you than you could
imagine and He will use you as His hands to bless others!

Last Sunday, a young woman shared this quote in her talk and I really
liked it! So I kind of made it my theme this week:) Here it is: "How
do we get through the times when it seems the whole world is crashing
down around us? How do we find the desire and outlook that will allow
happiness to return? I love a scripture found in first Peter that says
"For he that will love life, and see good days... happy are ye" (1st
Peter 3:10, 14). Peter's suggestion is simple but profound: love life
and see good days. I find it so interesting that the scripture does
not tell us to love life and have good days. Sometimes I wish Peter
had counseled us to have good days- I need more of those. Instead, the
counsel is clear: see good days."

I love this!! Each day, we get thrown a lot of stuff, whether its good
or bad. It is then our choice how we will respond to those things.
Happiness is a choice.:) It is very important to look for the good in
each day, even though it can be really hard some days. Trust me, I
know that it can be very hard to find good things that happen
sometimes. But, it is possible! We just have to open our eyes and look

So here are some things that were good each day this week:)
Monday: On last Monday, it was preparation day! I was able to write to
a couple of people that I hadn't for a while, and I was able to
receive an email from someone at home. That helped lift my spirits!
Also, I was able to see two pictures of my beautiful family! You all
look good, happy, and healthy:) so that put any worries I may have had
to rest:) We also had a wonderful member, Sister Sorter, invite us
over to her home for dinner and to help her continue to work on
personal progress! She is wonderful! And, offered to fix a couple of
my clothes that needed mending:)

Tuesday: So it was Tuesday evening and we were walking around. We had
planned to try one of our potentials, Lonny, so we headed towards his
house. As we got to his street, we noticed that there was a girl
sitting on his steps. So, we went up and talked to her. She is so
friendly! Her name is Susan and she is in her early 20's I think:) She
has a lot of doubts about God because of some experiences that she has
had recently. She said that just the day before, she was with her
friend and they were talking together about the doubts they had in
God. Well, we showed up the next day to talk with her and it kind of
took her a little off guard:) She said that that must have been a sign
that He is there and is aware of her, even if things get hard. It was
so cool! We bore our testimonies on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and
the Book of Mormon and said that she would look through it this week:)
Yay!! Younger investigators!!

Wednesday: On Wednesday, we decided to do the chalk finding activity
again, because it had been a long time since we had done that. We
didn't know what to draw or write, but in the end, decided that we
would write out a couple of simple quotes or phrases. While we were
drawing, a lady came up to us and talked with us for a little bit
because she had noticed us out and wondered what we were doing. She
said that what we wrote was the message she needed that day. So it was
cool to see how the Lord worked through us, even by doing something as
simple as writing a phrase on the sidewalk with chalk:) While we were
walking that night, Jodi and Jeremy (potentials) were outside and
talked with us for a little bit! They even invited us over for dinner
sometime this week! so we are excited for that!

Thursday: On Thursday, we had zone training down in Sioux City, so I
was able to see all of my missionary friends! The Spirit was so strong
as we all talked about sacrifice and consecration and thought more
about what we could each give up for the Lord. I know that as we
sacrifice things that may be really important to us, the Lord will
bless us abundantly. So much, that we won't have room enough to
receive it! That night coming back, we were able to have dinner at
Pizza Ranch with a member, Sister Elwell! Pizza ranch is a huge thing
here in Iowa! I will have to take you all here sometime in the
future:) haha:) It's basically a big buffet with pizzas and chicken
and stuff like that:) anyways, it was great!!

Friday: We contacted a girl named Haylee. She is a non member girl
friend to one of the members that just moved here in Spencer 2 weeks
ago. Her grandparents were involved in a train accident this past week
and she has been struggling. We are going to meet up with her
hopefully sometime soon to go to lunch and get to know her better in a
less threatening environment:) haha:) Because I can be pretty scary,
you know:) In our lesson with D that night, he said the prayer at
the end of the lesson!! So that was cool!

Saturday: While at the funeral, I was able to really reflect on the
Plan of Salvation and it strengthened my testimony. It was an
interesting funeral but it was a good one for him. It was at a
beautiful Lutheran church here in Emmetsburg. After the funeral, the
Holloways took us out to lunch at A&W. Good member support all around
this week:) we had 3 meals with members!! sweet!!

Sunday: We found out that a new member moved into Emmetsburg this past
week!! Her name is Kameron and she is awesome!!! She is a returned
missionary! Just got back in February actually and she moved down here
for a nursing program!! Yay!! We have 2 members in Emmetsburg now!!! I
almost died from excitement when I met her yesterday:) A kind lady,
sister Ross gave us some milk and bread and a few other things as well
yesterday so that was such a tender mercy:) It lowered the cost of
food quite a bit today:) Missionaries could not do this work without
the help of members!

Anyways, I know that as we look for the good in each day, we can find
happiness! Have a wonderful week! I love each of you dearly!! And you
are continually in my prayers:)

Sister Christensen

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