Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 11, 2014

Howdy Ya'll,

First of all, I just want to tell each of you that I love you so
much!! Much more than you could imagine:) Thank you so much for the
package!! I saw those chocolate covered almonds and about died:) haha
Thank you for the letters as well!! I love getting mail!! Wow! Can you
believe that school will be starting soon? Where has the summer gone?
How was your trip to Idaho and Yellowstone? That sounds like it would
be a lot of fun! I hope that you all stayed safe and enjoyed
yourself:) I can't wait to hear more about it:) I loved the pictures
that you sent me:) It made my day! But.. you guys all need to stop
growing up so quick!! You all look so much older from the last time
that I saw you! Especially Chandler. He looks like a little toddler
now! What??

Anyways, you are probably wondering what happened with transfers? Well
a crazy thing happened and I got reassigned as a Spanish speaking
missionary in South Dakota. haha psych! I am still with Sister
Peterson serving in Emmetsburg. We didn't have any changes hit us this
time. Although, we may be switching housing in the Branch.. President
accidentally let it slip yesterday so we will see what that may bring
in the future. Hopefully we won't have to open a different area in the
Branch but whatever ends up happening, I will do God's will.

An update on the other missionaries in the Branch. Elder Demke
completed his mission and is now back in Lehi, as I am sure that many
of you have found out:) Elder Wright from American Fork is now
training Elder Olsen. Elder Wilson got a new companion, Elder Collins,
and his old companion, Elder Hansen got sent to Walnut Creek in Omaha.
So there was a lot of change that happened in our Branch:) They had us
missionaries sing in Sacrament Meeting yesterday which was cool! The
spirit was really strong:) I feel very privileged to serve as a
missionary at this time. I attached it in a different email.

So, I think that Satan has been working on me quite a bit lately. I
guess the reality that I am over half way done with my mission hit me
and I am not where I had hoped to be by this point in my mission. I
have been trying not to let that discouragement hit me too hard
though. I just need to continue to humble myself and allow the Lord to
shape me into something better and refine myself. Whenever I find
myself going through a hard time, I just try to ask myself, "How
refined do you want to be?" I know that all of our experiences will
one day work together for our good. We may not ever know in this life
why we had to face a particular trial, but our Heavenly Father's plan
is perfect and He knows what we need to become what He intends for us
to become.

This week, I studied a lot from the talk "All things work together for
good" by James B. Martino. It is very good and I would invite each of
you to read it. It has helped me a lot and I know that it could relate
and help each of you as well. I have included the link in the email
below. You can copy and paste it into your search bar. See, I have
done the hard part of finding it for you:) No need to thank me:)

I love you all and appreciate your support and prayers:) I can feel
them all coming my way:)

Sister Christensen

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