Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 9, 2014

Hey mom, dad, family, and friends!

I hope that you are all doing well!! I sent some emails with some
pictures included:) I hope that you got that:) It has been a pretty
good week. We have had some good times and seen some miracles which
has been wonderful:) I will tell you a little about them:)

So on Tuesday, we were out tracting, and weren't initially seeing any
luck. We tried a couple of people but they weren't home. One of these
people was D, but we couldn't find his house. (not sure if he gave
us the right address though) We then tried another potential named
J but she wasn't home. So we turned away from the door and started
to walk down the driveway when lo and behold, D comes down the
street riding his bike!! What? haha so we were able to talk with him
for a little while! Then he drove off and we hadn't finished talking
with him yet so we tried to follow him. (yes, we are professional
stockers:) ) But, because he was on a bike and we were on foot, we
eventually lost him. But, we kept walking in that direction because we
felt like we needed to walk in that direction. Finally, about a mile
later, we came to the end of the road with a culdesac(sp?) and we felt
like we needed to knock on the blue house in it. So we did.. and guess
who answered the door?? this little boy:) haha not what you were
expecting? just wait:) So this little boy answered the door and said
his mom wasn't home but his older sister was so he went and got her:)
and.. it was j!! She was babysitting her younger brother there!!
haha and we had no idea that it was her mom's place:) Its crazy how
everything worked out that day and we crossed paths with the people
that we had hoped to:)

We went to a birthday party last Saturday for Miguel Fox. They are an
adorable Mexican family that moved here a few months back, so they
don't know much English:) It was fun! They had a pinata, games, cake,
lunch, sack races, etc:) Party!! haha but I had a couple not so fun
things that came from it:) I got food poisoning from the meat which
hopefully passes quickly:) haha I am almost better now though:) And I
sprained my ankle:) I guess I am a little too competitive sometimes:)
We were doing the sack race (where you are in a big sack and you have
to jump to a location the quickest to win) I jumped on a branch that I
hadn't seen there before and it crunched my foot pretty good:) I
tripped and twisted it a little weird.. but its ok! No pain no gain
right? haha:) I still managed to get in 2nd place though:)

The Spencer Elders had a baptism yesterday!! It was wonderful and the
Spirit was felt by all that were there:) Her name is Paris Spencer and
she just turned 9. It was really neat because she is around Emily's
age and it was just a week after her baptism:) So it was really cool
being able to be there and see that so close to Em's:) I attached a
few pictures from it:)

We also helped 2 families move out of the Branch on Saturday. One of
the families is the Bennetts and they are moving to Price UTAH!!
Lucky:) haha I have an odd obsession with Price:) But, it was cool
because I was able to tell her all of the cool things about it and
that there are some amazing people down there to become friends with:)
That seemed to calm her down a little bit:) Which was good:) haha:) so
if we ever go down to Price, we have someone else to go see while we
are there:) haha:)

Oh, and the weather down here has been crazy!! There have been lots of
storms this past week all over Nebraska and Iowa:) We were doing that
chalk finding idea again this past Tuesday that I was telling you
about, and we found out later that there was a tornado watch going on
while we were out at the park:) haha oops...:) But we were ok:) So i
guess it wasn't a big deal:) haha

Anyways, I hope that you all had a good experience fasting last week
and that you have a good week this week:) enjoy your second week of
summer vacation!! I love you all so much!! Keep up the great work!! I
sure do love you all so much!! and daddy, I hope that you have a
wonderful father's day and know that i will be thinking about you that
day:) I hope it is a good one:) I love you all!

Sister Christensen

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