Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes and gifts this week!
I just love you all so much and appreciate all that you do for me:)
You all spoil me way too much! haha:)

So for my birthday this week, it was just like any other normal day in
missionary life:) Transfers were this past week and everything stayed
the same. I am with Sister Peterson in Emmetsburg for another 6 weeks.
We actually found out some bad news about her visa stuff. Everything
was going well until they realized that her FBI clearance has expired.
So we spent a lot of my birthday getting things taken care of for her
and re submitting all of that stuff. The process usually takes a
minimum of 10 weeks so it looks like she will be here for quite some
time. I hope that she can make it to Brazil at some point on her
mission :)

The Elders threw me a little birthday party on Wednesday during our
district meeting. Elder Wright made a cake for me and they brought ice
cream and birthday party hats:) It was pretty fun:) Then we went to
Jimmy Johns for lunch after:) It was a nice and simple birthday this

On Monday night, we had a young single adult activity at our Branch
President's house. We played soccer and had a BBQ! It was great! His
wife, sister Peterson made homemade raspberry ice cream and it was
delicious!! I played goalie and defense most of the time and I found
out that I am actually not too bad at soccer:) haha:) There was a
couple of nonmember friends that came and we were able to get to know
them on a more casual setting which was great! Hopefully us or the
Elders can start teaching some of them:)

So on Saturday, we went up to where the Branch President lives and did
a service project for one of their non member family friends. They own
a 3 acre lot so we spent a long time cleaning it up, moving rocks
around, picking up branches and sticks, and lighting a lot of stuff on
fire!! woo hoo! It was a huge pile of branches and stuff to burn up:)
It was as tall as me! It was awesome!! haha:) While we were there I
caught a chicken that was running around:) I'm sure that that was a
sight to see:) haha:) But we got a picture of it so I will try and
send that today:) haha

I got a priesthood blessing on Saturday night. I have
needed one for a while and so I am really happy that I was able to get
one:) It is so powerful whenever I get blessings to see how Heavenly
Father is really mindful of me. President Peterson has no idea about
the challenges I am facing or things that I am working through right
now, so I know that he was inspired as to the things that he said.
There were many things that answered questions or concerns I have been
having and a lot of peace and comfort. I am so thankful for the
Priesthood power and the opportunity that we have to ask those
Priesthood holders around us for blessings. I don't think that we ask
them enough. So don't be afraid to ask for a blessing whenever you
need one! Especially you kiddos and mom:) Take advantage of the
opportunity that you have to have a worthy Priesthood holder that
lives in your home! we have to travel between 50-80 miles round trip
to get one..:) So don't take for granted what you have so close to

So we have an investigator named D. I think that I have
told you a little about him. He is the 81 year old man. We gave him a
Book of Mormon last week and followed up a little under a week later
and he has already read through Ether chapter 9!! what??? I was so
happy when I heard this!! I almost started crying:) haha :) It was
neat because you can physically see a change in his countenance! It is
so cool and such a blessing to see how the gospel literally changes
people even in a small amount of time! I think that he has great

Oh! I remembered another thing:) We were out tracting the other night
in a different part of town and something pretty sweet happened:) This
was the first door that we knocked and we waited for a little bit and
no one came to answer the door. But we felt like we needed to wait a
minute. So we did. A minute or so later, a lady answered the door and
at first it was a pretty typical approach. Most of the time people say
they are content with where they are and they don't want to listen.
That is basically what she told us. But we kept talking to her and
sharing our testimony and she slowly started opening up! By the end of
it, she asked if we could share a message with her and so we set up a
time to continue teaching her! She has had some difficult things
happen in her past recently. She has lost her husband and her
daughter. It is cool to see how Heavenly Father prepares people in our

Good news!! I haven't died from West Nile virus! You would think from
the amount of mosquito bites I have acquired this week I would have.
haha:) It’s from all of the humidity and standing water from the
storms! It’s crazy!!

Anyways, I hope that you all have a wonderful week!! I love you all so
much!! thank you again for all of the wonderful birthday wishes!! you
guys are great!!

With love,
Sister Christensen

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