Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 23, 2014

Howdy Family and Friends:)

I love you all so much and you are always in my prayers:) Thank
you for being a wonderful support for me while I am out here:) You are
great! So you know those times when you feel like you have had quite a
few things happen but when you get to the computer, your mind goes
blank? I am having one of those times where I can't think of much:)
haha:) There is the blonde side of my brain kickin in:) which isn't it
National blonde day sometime soon? ok back to the point:) I will do my
best to make a semi ok letter out of this:) haha:)

This week we had really crazy storms!! Not even joking. On 3 of the 7
days this past week we had to go down to the basement because of
tornados. And I thought lightning and thunder storms were scary:) man,
how our perspective changes:) haha I would gladly be in a thunderstorm
compared to these monsters:) haha:) They happened at all sorts of
random times too:) On Monday it happened at 5 pm:) and then the other
two happened at 1:30 and 2:30 am:) Not a fun wake up call! haha:) oh
well:) There are massive amounts of flooding right now and some of the
towns in our stake have been destroyed. One town (that I forgot the
name) had 90% of the town destroyed. They had to relocate about 2000
individuals. So we have had a lot of service opportunity this week,
cleaning up from the storms. All of the cornfields are now lakes and
ponds. It's crazy!!

We had exchanges on Friday and it was great! I was with Sister Larson
here in Emmetsburg:) We had a service opportunity in the community
that day which was cool:) It was the relay for life event, honoring
those who have passed, living, or overcome various types of cancers.
It was very humbling being a part of it. They had luminaries (like off
of tangled!) that we could decorate in honor of an individual, so I
made some for some of the family members that have had it. We were
able to meet many people that live around here so it was a good
experience. And, we got to say the prayers for it so that was pretty

Also while we were on exchanges, we were trying a few people and no
one was home. We walked back over to the parking lot where our car was
at and we noticed a couple of people standing around their car. So, we
went and talked with them:) They asked us why we had out of state
license plates so that was a good intro for us:) I love it when people
do the hard part and get the conversation going:) The mom actually has a father that is a member! He lives in a different part
of Iowa but we thought that was really neat:) So she knows a lot about
it and her dad has been talking with her a lot lately on how she needs
to start reading the Book of Mormon to find out for herself if she
would like to be a member:) Her work schedule is crazy right now so we
are having a hard time setting up a time to see her, but she is so
prepared! I love how Heavenly Father puts us in the paths of those
prepared individuals:) It makes all of the tough times suddenly worth

On Saturday, we were able to go to Branch Basketball. I am so sore it
is ridiculous!! I may or may not have thought that I got a mini
concussion:) haha I guess I get a little too competitive:) whoops:) im
ok though:)

On a side note, J antied us so we aren't teaching him anymore. He
was drunk at the time though so we may try and see him at some point
if we feel like we should to see how he is. Our other investigator who
was soft set for baptism got a spur of the moment good job
opportunity, so he is gone. He got a call on Tuesday with the offer
and left Wednesday night to North Dakota. We were pretty sad but hope
that missionaries will be able to continue teaching him and preparing
him up there.

I love you all so much!! I hope that you have a great week! Enjoy
celebrating my birthday for me:) haha:)

With love,
Sister Christensen

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