Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hey my lovely family! I hope that you are all doing well back at home:) Always remember that someone in Nebraska loves you so much! Seriously! Who knew a heart could hold so much love for so many people? It's true though! I love everyone in Utah so much!! and I love the people here in Nebraska! If I love anyone else, my heart might explode soon!! haha jk:) sorry for that visual:) I'll move onto the letter now before things get out of hand:) haha

Wow!! Can you believe its the end of January already? time is starting to cruise:) I love serving here in Lakeview. We see miracles every day:) And.. I really love my companion Sister Fulbright. She is so sweet and we have a lot of fun together:) We have been in a car share with Sister Willis and Sister Rasmussen so we see them more often as well, which is a blast! We have a good time and laugh a lot! 2 of my favorite things:) haha

So this week we had some crazy adventures:) I will tell you about one of them. On Saturday, we got asked to serve at an Indian Pow Wow!! It was pretty sweet! not gunna lie:) So us 4 sisters (the ones above) went and spent the day serving the Lamanites:) They have such an interesting culture and traditions. Most of it was dancing, which was neat:) Because, Surprise! I love dancing:) So that was fun:) we made and handed out all of the food for meals and did all of the setting up and clean up. It was a lot of work but such an enjoyable service project! Isn't a mission just great?!? I love it!!

Also this week we had our interviews with President Weston! They happen about every couple of months. He is such an inspired man! I received a lot of answers to prayers about how I can help myself, my companion, and my area. I am very lucky and privileged to be serving here at this time.

Oh and I forgot to tell you.. but I got a Priesthood blessing last week and it was wonderful! I am so thankful for the Priesthood and how accessible it is! I have been feeling much better since I received that and I know that Heavenly Father is aware of both you and i:)

I'm pretty sure that I mentioned the McM last week in my email.. anyways.. you will be excited to hear that.. J wants to quit drinking!!! Miracle!!! He got a Priesthood blessing to help and he has now gone 3 days without it!! YAY!!! I honestly never thought that I would see this day coming:)

So here is my monthly commitment that I give you each time:) Next week is fast sunday:) so I want you all to pray about and think about what the Lord would have you fast for:) and do it:) I promise that as you think about it throughout the week and prepare for it, it will be much more meaningful:) I know from my experience, that I don't always want to fast for the things that I do, but as I have followed Heavenly Father's will for me, I am extremely blessed because of it. He sees the bigger picture and He knows what we can become through His help. Keep up the great week!! I love you!!


Sister Christensen

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