Monday, December 8, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hey family and friends! 

I hope that you are all doing very well!! I hope that you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving this week! We will be going to the Riffles house for Thanksgiving! (The members that we have dinner with every Thursday) They are great! Brother Riffles family will be in town so it should be a lot of fun! Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? 

This week was very challenging on me but I think that I will be back to my normal self within the next couple of days. I was on some medicine that didn't react well to my body.. so I have been very sick this week. But I will be able to go off of the antibiotic within the next couple of days:) Don't worry about me though. I will be just fine! Just have to keep moving forward and get through the next couple of days:)     

Rex is doing very well! He is very excited for his baptism day.:) It was really cute. We were going to teach him on Wednesday evening and we got to his house and you could hear him say from the other room, "Yay! My Missionaries are here!" I thought that that was so cute! It feels good to be "someone's missionary":)    

So, here is a little tender mercy from my week:) I forgot to buy peanut butter when we went to the grocery store on monday, and then we had to give up the car. :) So we didn't have a way to get peanut butter:) It was a very minor detail, but hey, it mattered to me:) So of course, I prayed for peanut butter:) haha:) on Wednesday, a member ran into us as we were out and offered to go buy us a snack! any snack of our choice! so they bought me peanut butter! It was a miracle! It was very good to know and have that reconfirmed this week, that our Heavenly Father is very aware of us and the details in our life. I know that if it matters to you, it matter to Him, because you matter to Him. :) 

I want each of you to know that I am so thankful for each of you and all that you do for me:) You strengthen me and help me more than you will probably ever know:) I love you! I hope that you have a wonderful week! I love you! Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you for being some of the greatest blessings in my life:)  

Sister Christensen 

(ps. sorry for the shorter email this week:) ) don't worry about me:) 

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