Friday, October 18, 2013

October 4, 2013 - The MTC

Hey Everyone!!! I love you all so much! I have so much to tell all of you and I don't even know where to begin! The first day of the MTC I was so blessed. After they took me off I was able to focus on what I am doing and didn't experience homesickness problems. Don't get me wrong!! I miss and love you all like crazy! Heavenly Father and Christ are just supporting me and helping me through this great transition. 

Who's excited for conference tomorrow?!?! I know I am!! It will be a great experience.

You are constantly learning here! It's hard to soak everything in! Its really like trying to drink from a fire hydrant:) haha

The Spirit is so strong here! I can't even believe it! Everyone is so happy and looking out for each other. I have great companions! I have Sister Reidhead from Kanab and Sister Heaton from Payson! They are amazing and I just LOVE serving with them. Sister Reidhead is coming to Nebraska with me and Sister Heaton will be serving in Portland Oregon. It will be really hard to say goodbye to her because we have grown so close in the short time that we have been here. I have taught 5 investigators so far since I have been here. They are Arnold, Jose, George, Ian, and Christian. Christian is our primary investigator that we prayed about and decided to focus on the most as a companionship. It was very humbling when we learned about our investigators. They gave us the stories of Russell, Christian, and Brian and told us that we needed to pray as a companionship to figure out who we were supposed to teach. Initially all of us said that we didn't want to teach Christian but at the end when we prayed, Heavenly Father humbled us and let us know that Christian was who we should focus on. Heavenly Father knows who we need to teach and help and will direct us as we seek His will for them. One thing that is truly amazing is feeling the love that our Heavenly Father has for each of His children. He loves them all so much and it is amazing that He is allowing us to feel that love for them. 

Sleeping has been a struggle here but I am confident it will come eventually:)   Thank you all for the support you give to me! It means so much to me! I love each of you so very much!! Keep up the great work! Mom, things are great and you have no need to worry about me! I will be just fine:) You can do this! 

Oh! While I remember, I forgot my navy blue blazer, white slip, coral cardigan, and not sure what else yet:) so if you find them, send them to me:) Im not sure if i will keep my shoes or not from sister missionary mall. I wore them just my first day and I have huge blisters all over my feet:) haha so we'll see if that improves. 

I have seen several people that I knew while i have been here which was a great blessing. When I first got dropped off and was getting my things I ran into Sister Howe (Ali's mom from dance showcase that volunteers here), Sister Bateman who went to high school with me who volunteers here, and Sister Crandall from Lehi High School is in my Zone! Awe, gotta love those tender mercies! 

I thought that you would like to know that I have fallen twice now and got stuck in an elevator! haha You have to use this card to get in everything and if you don't get the timing of it right when you swipe it, it doesn't work. Haha my missionary struggles:)  

Wow! I am a missionary! this is real life! and its a great life! I am doing my best and will continue to work hard and trust that Heavenly Father has great things in store for me in Omaha:) I know that this church is true! It really is! After the spirit that I have felt here, I can't deny it:)  

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